Nutronics, Inc.

Nutron­ics, Inc., located in Long­mont CO, solves the nation’s most demand­ing prob­lems in laser prop­a­ga­tion through tur­bu­lence.  Our work since 2007 has focused on address­ing the Nutron­ics Adap­tive Optics (NAO) Sys­tems Imper­a­tive , lead­ing to tech­nol­ogy efforts and offer­ings in four pri­mary areas:

(1) High per­for­mance AO sys­tem solu­tions for appli­ca­tions with a coop­er­a­tive or point source tar­get includ­ing Free Space Opti­cal (FSO) Com­mu­ni­ca­tion;

(2) High per­for­mance AO sys­tem solu­tions for appli­ca­tions with non-cooperative extended tar­gets;

(3) Phased Array beam con­trol – often viewed as the “holy grail” of high energy laser sys­tem technology;

(4) Ana­lytic and Diag­nos­tic Sup­port using mod­el­ing and sim­u­la­tion tools and / or devel­op­ment of diag­nos­tic systems.

Nutron­ics, Inc.’s capa­bil­ity spans the entire devel­op­ment cycle of a Directed Energy sys­tem from require­ments devel­op­ment, through design, devel­op­ment, inte­gra­tion, test, and deploy­ment.  We uti­lize a top-down / bottom-up sys­tem engi­neer­ing approach that min­i­mizes cost and risk by work­ing with the cus­tomer to match cus­tomer needs to sys­tem, sub­sys­tem, assem­bly, and com­po­nent level capa­bil­ity.  Our exten­sive mod­el­ing and sim­u­la­tion capa­bil­ity pro­vides a con­tin­u­ous foun­da­tion through the devel­op­ment cycle.  Read more about our sys­tem devel­op­ment approach here.

Our 6795 sf facil­ity is opti­mized for devel­op­ment of high per­for­mance AO sys­tems and includes mul­ti­ple clean room facil­i­ties for AO sys­tem test­ing with high energy laser sys­tems.  The facil­ity includes a ther­mal test cham­ber for eval­u­a­tion of envi­ron­men­tal effects on sys­tem performance.


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