Nutronics, Inc.

Nutron­ics, Inc. is one of the nation’s lead­ing devel­op­ers of high per­for­mance High Energy Laser (HEL) and HEL Beam Con­trol Sys­tems (BCS).  Our sys­tem solu­tions address the most demand­ing prob­lems in HEL prop­a­ga­tion through tur­bu­lence.  Our multi-disciplinary team is hard-working and ded­i­cated to devel­op­ing HEL and BCS solu­tions that offer robust per­for­mance in demand­ing tur­bu­lence con­di­tions to accel­er­ate tran­si­tion of our tech­nol­ogy to the warfighter.  Nutron­ics, Inc. is a small, pri­vately owned busi­ness located in Long­mont CO.

Our 17000 sf facil­ity is opti­mized for devel­op­ment of high per­for­mance HEL sys­tems and subsystems.


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